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The waters pressure and the jets are only half the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Water chemistry and skin health are just as important. Hot tub water is delicate and needs to be balanced and sanitized. Chemicals, calcium and alkalinity levels can not only make relaxing in a hot tub uncomfortable, it can irritate skin and also permanently damage, equipment, and surrounding surfaces. 


While things such as frequent and heavy usage, organic matter and water temperature can all alter the water chemistry within your hot tub, every bather adds soaps, bacteria, skin, and contaminants that change the balance of the tub's water. 

Heated water in hot tubs are breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can kill. 

All tubs and pools need a sanitizer [chlorine or bromine] to kill the bacteria that chemical reducers like enzymes, mineral stick [cooper ions], ozone generators and Ultraviolet lights are not capable of eliminating. There are no chemical alternatives sold today that eliminate the use of a chemical sanitizer to kill microbes, particularly harmful bacteria & viruses, that may include Legionella, E-Coli, and Pseudomonas.


Chlorine should never be used in a hot tub for a few reasons:

  1. Chlorine will not work over 100 degrees fahrenheit and evaporates at high temps.

  2. Chlorine will not work with high pH levels.

  3. Chlorine will eat away the plastic water pump and jets and they will inevitably start falling out.

  4. Chlorine fume coming off water is caustic and will damage lungs.


Bromine tablets in a floater are made for hot tubs and spas and have an oxidizer pressed into tablets. Bromine works at higher temperatures and the purpose of oxidizers is to remove organic matter and oils from your hot tub water, breaking it down and allowing your sanitizer to work much more effectively.


Most modern tubs built in the last 10 years have ozone generators installed at the factory and a few brands have ultraviolet light sanitizer systems. Ozone generator [Ozonators] can be installed fairly easily with a kit unlike UV systems which require re plumbing piping. [See chemical reducers]


Best Hot Tub Water

All water is different and municipal water from the tap should be sanitized and has proper pH levels for a few days. If you are filling tub from a well with raw untreated water you are probably going to want to use a pre filter at the end of your garden hose to remove contaminants before entering tub.

If water is brown, red, orange or green after filling for the first time it is usually caused by the presence of metals or minerals that can cause your hot tub water to turn an unsightly hue.

Add a metal sequestering agent before use.

After filling tub  typically cleaning the filter and floating 1' diameter tablets in a small floater is all you need to start. Water can not be tested accurately in 48 hours and water needs to be a least 100 degrees.

Make sure to keep test kits indoors at room temp for accurate readings.

For a complete guide to water chemistry and your hot tub, purchase the book TUBOLOGY on Amazon


Spa Size and Water Volume Calculator


Width X Depth X Length÷1728 X 2.4=Gallons

Diameter X Diameter X Height÷1728 X 2.4 = Gallons

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